Designer Leader Human is produced and hosted by Frank Duran, who for the past 20 years has grown up as an interaction designer before people knew what that title meant. His career has taken him from freelance to creative agencies, and now at a Fortune 100 bank leading a team of talented designers.

This micro podcast is an opportunity to share perspectives about design, leadership and discuss the human side of where design and leadership intersect. The content wherein is an accumulation of practical experience, lessons learned and best practices. The intent is to share valuable thoughts while acknowledging the human side of design and leadership.

Why a Micro Podcast?

A micro podcast is typically 5-minutes our less, which is enough time to share a single thought or concept in a more comprehensive manner. This format is more convenient for people to consume, which means there is a better chance for more people to listen. New episodes will be published every Monday, but there may be some breaks for holidays.

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