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Episode 0: An Introduction

Transcript: Hello my name is Frank Duran. Welcome to episode zero of Designer Leader Human, as always thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast are my own. This is an introduction. I wanted to talk about what got this micro podcast started in the first place. And it really started with a post on LinkedIn. I posted something about how we need to acknowledge that as designers, as leaders and as human beings that there’s an intersection between those three qualities that we often embody at different times. I think about my time as a designer, my time as a design leader and I’ve really benefited quite a bit from conversations with my peers, with other designers and participating in the design community in general. This is just another way for me to continue those kind of conversations, and I hope that you get some value out of this, like I’ve gotten value out of conversations that I’ve had in the past as well. The start of this podcast is really thinking about those specific elements that we typically think about when we think about design so we can think about the craft of design. We think about leadership, and I get a lot of questions about what does that mean, and I think it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but really it’s a mentality that we should adopt. In addition to that, besides the work itself it’s okay to be a human being and okay to be empathetic and show compassion for one another and to want to do good things for people out there in the world. To me that’s where the real value lies in terms of my career as a designer. It’s not only about the craft. It’s not only about the mentality of being a leader and carving a path, but it’s also about what connects us as human beings and the fact that we seek that connection in the first place. There’s a lot of value there. In terms of this podcast, it is a micro podcast. So typically these episodes will be about five minutes or less. Definitely going to try to do these every week, look for these coming out every Monday. In addition to them coming out every Monday and putting these out on a weekly basis, I’m actually going to challenge you guys every week.

If you’re listening to this, get ready for a little bit of homework every week.

Frank Duran

Whatever topic we’re addressing that that week. There’s going to be a little bit of a challenge that goes along with it, and I hope you guys look for the LinkedIn group, Designer Leader Human, join the group, the prompts for the episodes the prompts for the weekly homework are also going to be there as well. Definitely join the conversation and I look forward to talking to you guys more. Subscribe and we’ll talk to you soon. Don’t forget to make like a designer, think like a leader and feel like a human.

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