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Episode 1: It’s Okay to Connect

Homework: Take a moment to connect with someone you work with. Pause and ask someone how they’re doing. Share a moment as human beings with lives outside of work.

Transcript: Hello I’m Frank Duran Welcome to episode one of Designer Leader Human. As always, thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast are my own. I want to talk about connection. It’s really easy for us as creatives and designers to talk about the work. Well, sometimes not that easy but it’s easier than most other things right. And what I wanted to not ignore and actually pay some attention to is the fact that it’s okay to connect with each other as human beings. When you look at the people that you’re working with. When you’re working with other designers. It’s okay to share. It’s okay to ask each other how each other’s doing. And it’s not limited to the creatives that you work with, but also the partners as well. You, you’re working with people who are business partners, tech partners legal partners. And we speak about each other in very transactional terms, but when you share a joke-when you talk to each other about what you guys did over the weekend-when you talk about your kids. When you talk about what happened and what they might be going through that just opens up a new opportunity to connect with each other. The fact of the matter is that we spend more time with the people that we work with, most times, than we do with their own family. Why not take the opportunity to actually connect with people on a human level, understand each other a little bit more as individuals, as people. Whenever I’ve had a chance to develop those relationships and typically they take a little bit time to develop. Whenever I’ve done so it’s always resulted in a lot better work, because all those barriers that you might have had up all those business faces that we put on when those start coming down and we start talking to each other, and we start knowing each other a little bit better then the work actually gets better too. As a matter of fact, a lot of the times, the work actually gets a little bit more fun.

If you have the opportunity. Reach out to somebody, reach out to somebody that you’ve worked with for a while but maybe don’t know them that well.

Frank Duran

And when you take the time to actually get to know them a little bit, and then they get to know you a little bit. Then the work doesn’t seem like work anymore. For this week’s homework assignment, I’m going to challenge you guys think about somebody that you’ve been working with for a while. Think about somebody that you pass by in the hallway, maybe you guys are getting coffee at the same time. Go ahead and introduce yourself. Talk to them a little bit. And if you do know who they are, ask them a little bit about what’s going on. Ask them how they’re doing. What did they do over the weekend, just take a moment. Don’t think about the next meeting you have to go to pause for a second, talk to them for a minute, look them in the eye and ask about how they’re doing. And when somebody gets a chance to ask you about how you’re doing. Take a moment, pause. Don’t parrot a response that says, hey, I’m doing okay. Actually, take a moment, consider the question and respond with how you are as well. So that’s the challenge this week that’s the homework assignment is to go ahead and pause with somebody and say, Hey, how you doing. Don’t forget, search for designer leader human group on LinkedIn, this prompt will be there. I love to hear responses from everybody and hear how this exercise actually went for you. And if you have any thoughts to share about it. Talk to you next time. Don’t forget to subscribe and don’t forget that we need to make like designers, think like leaders and feel like humans. Thanks talk to you next time.

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