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Episode 2: Learning

Homework: Embrace a learning mindset by saying “I don’t know” at least one time and then allow yourself to feel confident about being able to find the answer.

Transcript: Hi this is Frank Duran and welcome to Episode Two of Designer Leader Human. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast are my own. I want to talk about learning, and the continuation of it. I’ve been a designer for a long time. And I have to say that I do learn new things every day. There are opportunities to learn about your craft and opportunities to learn about yourself, and the team that you work with every single day. And when I approach things with a learning mindset. It really takes the pressure off of not knowing all the answers. I like to approach things with a learning mindset, because it takes the pressure off of not knowing. It’s okay not to know. But you do have to be confident in your ability to find the answer. Better yet, finding the answer, together with the people that you’re trying to find the answer for you don’t have to be the embodiment of all the knowledge, but we definitely should sharpen our skill sets, and we should have that inherent curiosity that allows us to be the facilitator for learning for the entire team or whoever you’re working with that kind of dynamic really opens you up to all the possibilities. So many times as creatives we’re sitting there and we’re looking for the solutions. I myself have suffered from the solution mindset for many, many years. And then when I started thinking about things as a challenge. When I started thinking about things as an opportunity to learn, and that learning mindset, it really opened up possibilities. It wasn’t about finding the right answer. It was just about finding answers in that moment. And eventually, you’ll even uncover answers and solutions that you never thought were possible in the first place. And so when you share that learning mindset when you become that facilitator when you include other perspectives in order to learn even more. That’s where you uncover a lot of value through collaboration.

You have a chance to open, everybody’s perspective, by modeling the behavior, by being the facilitator. That’s the opportunity of continuing to learn every single day.

And like I said, it’s learning about not only your craft. It’s not only learning about yourself, it’s learning with your team as well. And it’s learning about those problems spaces that you’re even trying to embrace in the first place, or trying to find solutions for the homework assignment this week is looking for an opportunity to embrace that learning mindset by just saying, I don’t know, but then you have to follow that up with, but I can go find that answer. And even better if he had the opportunity to do this. Follow up with. Hey, do you know what, I don’t know, but we can go find the answer together. When you do that it’s hopefully going to alleviate that sense of having to know. And it hopefully serves as a tangible reminder that you don’t have to be the person that knows all the things you just have to be the facilitator, and you have to be confident in your ability to go find those answers. Don’t forget, check out Designer Leader Human on LinkedIn, this prompt will be there as always. So loaded for you guys to take part in that conversation. Also don’t forget to subscribe. And as always, make like a designer. Think like a leader and feel like a human. Talk to you next time.

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